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अब ओडिया मठ में एक कमरा किराए पर लें।
 Odia Math - Mayapur has great facilities to accommodate visiting pilgrims. The rooms are clean, well furnished, and affordable. The Odia Math is centrally located also, only an eight minute walk to Ganga, five minute walk to ISKCON, and a fifteen minute walk to the Yoga Pith and other holy Gaudiya tirthasthans. We do not offer online booking service, you must call one of the numbers listed below to book a room.
For more information, or to book a room contact:
Radha Raman das - (Bengali, Oriya, English or Hindi) +91 75014 66865
Dhira Krishna das - (Bengali, Oriya, English or Hindi) +91 62959 45593
Hare Krishna! Jaya Sachinandana!
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